gms laos 11 - The 11th International Conference on Public Health among Greater Mekong Sub-Region Countries

“Improving Health Equity among greater Mekong Sub-Region Countries: A Public Health Challenge”

Vientiane Capital City, 17-19th October, 2019

Welcoming remarks at the 11th GMS on International Conference of Public Health from the President of the University of Health Sciences, Lao PDR


On behalf of the President of the University of Health Sciences, Lao PDR, it is my great pleasure and privilege to warmly welcome all the delegates and participants to the 11th International Conference on Public Health among the Greater Mekong Sub-Regional countries in Vientiane Capital City, 18-19th October, 2019 at the Muong Thanh Luxury Vientiane Hotel. This conference brings together key representatives from the Faculties of Public Health among GMS countries, Postgraduate students of Public Health specialization in Southeast Asian countries, NGOS and INGOS.

We are very proud to host the 11th GMS on ICPH. This 11th conference focuses on the broad public health aspects of Health Equity issues in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region countries with the theme: “Improving Health Equity among Greater Sub-Mekong Region: A Public Health Challenge”. Following the theme from previous conferences it was observed that it is a challenge to achieve health equity for all. The vision of Ministry of Health until 2030 states: “Healthy lives for all with services coverage in accessibility, justice quality, people’s understanding their own health care and overall health reform” and related to the SDG3 which Laos is endeavoring to achieve by 2030: “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”. The above is related to Laos’ health development priority, the National Health Insurance policy, which will strengthen quality of care for all, including vulnerable groups of society.

It is hoped that this conference provides a significant opportunity for all partners who work in public health and related fields to share and discuss their ideas, experiences, and lessons on the improvement of health equity and global opportunities to improve health equity within the GMS region as well as in the Lao PDR.

Over the next two days, we have the opportunity to share our experiences and present our public health work, research and best practices on how to improve the health equity among GMS countries. Once again, I am honored that the 11th GMS conference on ICPH can offer such an appropriate venue for this gathering. I believe that together, we can improve Health where it needs to be improved the most. I believe in “All for Health, Health for all”. Together we can make it happen.

I wish you all a successful and productive conference. Please take your time to visit our beautiful country Lao PDR which is the land of elephants, Khaen Lao and the Champa flower.

Thank you.

President of UHS.

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