gms 11 Laos - The 11th International Conference on Public Health among Greater Mekong Sub-Region Countries

“Improving Health Equity among greater Mekong Sub-Region Countries: A Public Health Challenge”

Vientiane Capital City, 17-19th October, 2019

The Faculty of Public Health - Organizer of 11th GMS on International Conference of Public Health


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On behalf of the Faculty of Public Health, University of Health Sciences, Lao PDR, I was honored to host the 11th GMS on International Conference of Public Health focusing on the theme of “Improving Health Equity among Greater Sub-Mekong Region: A Public Health Challenge”. Our Faculty of Public Health known formerly as the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies hosted the 3rd GMS on International Conference in Public Health. Let me first welcome you all to Laos, the land of smiles and Champa flower and thank you for taking the time to come to this important GMS International Conference on Public Health.

Looking around, I see a GMS International Conference of Public Health with different distinguished participants from all the GMS countries and other countries as well to discuss and exchange lessons learned and experiences about health and health equity in the region. This shows that citizens' health is a shared concern for us all. Each and every one of us wants to live in good health; and each of us wants to do everything in our power to improve the Health of our citizens. Access to good health is a right for all, in the GMS and beyond. However, it is a right that too many people still cannot enjoy today. The SDGs related to health, child mortality, maternal mortality, and on HIV/AIDS are among those that are the most off-track. Therefore we need to focus our progress to achieving the SDGs and health equity among GMS countries, which is still a big challenge for us all.

I particularly want to thank our Ministry of Health and the University of Health Sciences who have supported us to host this 11th GMS on ICPH. I also would like to express our sincere thanks to all the organizers who supported our 11th GMS International Conference. I hope that this conference is a platform for all public health experts in the GMS to expand our experiences, insights, knowledge and diversity and to discuss strategies for health. I hope all public health experts will have fruitful meetings and discussions and improve the health equity of the GMS region.

Thank you.

Dean of Faculty of Public Health.

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