gms11 Laos - The 11th International Conference on Public Health among Greater Mekong Sub-Region Countries

“Improving Health Equity among greater Mekong Sub-Region Countries: A Public Health Challenge”

Vientiane Capital City, 17-19th October, 2019


The 1st Mekong Sub-Regional countries Public Health Conference on “Primary Health Care in Globalization” was held in Khon Kaen University, Thailand on 20-21/8/2009. After this conference, the leaders from Faculty of Public Health in Mekong Sub-Regional countries including Khon Kaen University in Thailand, University of Health Science in Laos, and Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy in Vietnam agreed to organize the conference on a yearly basis and each University takes turns in organizing the conference. Another nine conferences are organized since, with themes varying from “Emerging Public Health Issues among the Greater Mekong Sub-region: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Collaboration” to “Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle: Combatting NCD” and “International Collaboration on Public Health Training and research evidence-based Health Policy making”. Last year’s theme in Kunming covered “Health Equity and response to Crisis”.

The 2019, International Conference on Public Health among Greater Mekong Sub-Regional countries will be organized in Vientiane, Laos. This 11th conference focuses on the broad public health aspects of Health Equity issues in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region countries with the theme: “Improving Health Equity among Greater Sub-Mekong Region: A Public Health Challenge”.

During the conference a special session on “Join Hands to Collaborate on Public Health Research for Improving Health Equity among GMS countries” will be organized in order to provide all participants and research partners with opportunities to discuss and link their research works together. It is hoped that this conference will provide a significant opportunity for all partners who work on the health related fields to share and discuss on their ideas, experience, and lessons on health improvement and development within the region as well as in the Lao PDR.

Speakers will be invited to present original researches, reviewed articles and best practices of projects and interventions as well as health policy guidelines /plans that have or will have public health implications within the region will be considered and accepted for oral and poster presentation.

Members of the GMS Public Health Association

Lao PDR Faculty of Public Health University of Health Sciences of Laos
Lao Tropical & Public Health Institution

China School of Public Health Kunming Medical University
Cambodia Faculty of Public Health National Institute of Public Health
Myanmar University of Public Health
Thailand Faculty of Public Health Khon Kaen University
Faculty of Public Health Mahasarakam University
College of Public Health Science Chulalongkon University
Faculty of Public Health Mahidol University
ASEAN Institute for Health Development Mahidol University
Faculty of Public Health Chiang Mai University
Faculty of Public Health Thammasat University
Faculty of Public Health Naresuan University
Faculty of Public Health Burapha University
Vietnam Faculty of Public Health Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Hanoi University of Public Health

Conference Objectives:

• To enhance the quality and relevance of educational and training programs as well as research in public

   health among greater Mekong Sub-Region countries.

• To raise awareness, of current, emerging, and re-emerging preventive public health issues and develop

   programs of action for their resolution.

• To share knowledge and experience in preventive public health among the diverse societies of the

   Mekong Sub-Region countries.

• To further enhance effective links between policy makers, public health institutions, and relevant


• To translate the knowledge into action and to sharing the experiences among GMS countries on the

   approaching of improving the health equity in the region.



“Improving Health Equity among Greater Sub-Mekong Region: A Public Health Challenge”


Presentations will be in form of oral presentation and/or poster under the following the topics:

1. Health systems strengthening which consists of 6 'building blocks': leadership and governance (includes primary health care); human resources for health; health financing; health information systems; medical products and technology; service delivery and Healthcare reforms.

2. Sexual and reproductive health

3. Maternal and child health (SDG 3)

4. HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria (SDG 3)

5. Nutrition and food safety (SDG 2)

6. Global warming: environmental and health impact and (SDG 13)

7. Infectious and tropical diseases

8. Surveillance and control of communicable diseases (including emerging public health threats)

9. Non-communicable diseases and risk factors (tobacco, alcohol,, mental health, drug addition)

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